Marshmallow covered with chocolate with stevia Pure Delight 180g

The thick stevia extract "STEVIASAN" is a calorie-free, 100% natural sugar substitute. Based on the sweet herb stevia. Sweetness is determined by substances that regulate metabolic processes in the body, normalize the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood, and contribute to the normalization of blood pressure, which is proven by scientific research. Whey protein is known for its rich amino acid composition, which promotes the production of enzymes necessary for the body. It is also especially popular among people who lead a healthy lifestyle and do sports. Agar-Agar is a seaweed that has long been known for its beneficial properties, containing soluble fiber and a large amount of minerals. Fiber is important for the body. This treasure of the sea contains various useful trace elements.

Ingredients: egg white, whey protein, sweetener (fructose, dry stevia extract "STEVIASAN"), agar-agar, dark chocolate "STEVIASAN" (grated cocoa, sweetener (fructose, thick stevia extract "STEVIASAN"), cocoa butter

Kcal: 350 kCal

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