A sophisticated range of pralines and confectionery made from the finest dark chocolate and the finest full milk chocolate.

First-class confectionery pralines in a high-quality wooden gift box: let yourself be enchanted by timeless classics such as our nut crochets, rum truffles, Mozart and nut balls, as well as the finest liqueur pralines such as nut ball, cherry, cocktail, plum, pear, Mariandl and Wienerin. Pear: Noble Williams pear brandy with sugar crust (49%) on fruit-flavoured jelly (30%) in the finest milk chocolate (21%). Pflaume: / Plums: noble Schwarzwald plum water with sugar crust (49%) on fruit flavour jelly (30%) in delicate dark chocolate (21%). Marille / Apricot: noble apricot brandy with sugar crust (49%) on fruit-flavoured jelly (30%) in the finest milk chocolate (21%). Cocktail: Crust liqueur fudge (44%) on advocaat cream (35%) in the finest milk chocolate (21%). Nussbombe / Nutbomb: crisp liqueur lollipop (45%) filled with a delicate walnut flavoured cream (34%) in smooth dark chocolate (21%). Kirsche: / Cherries: fine Red Forest cherry brandy with sugar crust (47%) on cherry flavoured cream filling (32%) in smooth dark chocolate (21%). Trüffel: / Truffles: soft dark chocolate (35%) with chocolate drizzle (4%), filled with the finest truffle cream with Inländerrum (65%). Wiener: / Wienerin: the finest milk chocolate (53%), filled with cherry-flavoured marzipan cream (25%) on fine truffle cream (22%). Nutmeg : / Nussbeugel: fine walnut cream with alcohol (79%) in delicate dark chocolate (21%). Mozartkugel: soft dark chocolate (49%) filled with the finest marzipan cream (22%) on hazelnut hazelnut cream (29%). Nougat: The finest whole milk chocolate (49%), filled with a delicate hazelnut cream (51%).

Ingredients: sugar, water, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, glucose syrup, hazelnuts, almonds, vegetable fats (palm, palm kernel), walnuts, alcohol, condensed skimmed milk, humectant: Sorbitol syrup; l

Kcal: 408 kcal