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SIA "Alvedik" - the exclusive representative in the Baltic countries of high-quality Low Carb products of Russian and American manufacturers "Di & Di"; "Jake candy", "Radograd" and "Petrodiet".
The range includes healthy sugar substitutes, gluten-free flours, cakes and mixes, healthy snacks and sweets, diet foods, etc. We cooperate with shops in Latvia and other Baltic countries where our products are sold.
The number of people in Latvia who are increasingly choosing a healthy and / or special diet is growing rapidly:
- Supporters of diets and other modern nutrition systems, such as those following a low-carb, high-fat diet, the Ducan diet, the Atkins diet, keto, the paleo diet, etc.
- People with diabetes mellitus;
- People leading a healthy lifestyle, athletes and fitness enthusiasts;
- People seeking to lose weight;
- Vegetarians and vegans.
Our activities and product procurement are based on global market trends and research on what health changes are most needed (obesity, diabetes, etc.). As well as lifestyle and fashion trends.

Demand Rationale for Our Products: The Global Health and Wellness Survey by Nielsen, an international information and measurement company, shows that there is a growing demand for healthy and natural products that balance health, production costs and good taste. 77% of the population of the Baltic States is ready to follow a healthy diet, and the total number of such clients in Latvia is about 560,000:
- The statistics collected in the Latvian Health Yearbook show that the number of diabetics is about 80,000, and an average of 7,000 new patients are diagnosed annually.
- The number of vegans and vegetarians is increasing. According to SKDS, 4% or 78,120 out of 1.953 million inhabitants of Latvia are vegetarians.
- There are 595 sports clubs in Latvia, attended by 120,000 athletes.
- There are 7 fitness associations in Latvia with 965 members,
- In Latvia, 21.3% or 410,000 of the population are obese and overweight.

So, we see ample opportunities in the Baltic States, including Latvia, for a low-carb system and products offered by this system.
SIA „Alvedik"
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