FitoKod is a manufacturer of herbal tea drinks from Penza. These are various collections of natural herbs that are designed for your health. Herbs for the heart and blood vessels. Based on rosehip, hawthorn, mint and oregano. Collection for digestion. The composition includes plantain, chamomile, mint, agaric, yarrow. And many more different fees to maintain health. All herbs are collected and dried according to technology. All products are certified and recommended to improve overall well-being. A whole laboratory of specialists is working on the creation of collections. The combination of herbs in each collection is thought out to the smallest detail. Phytocode takes care of your health. Our collection is the power of nature in every cup of tea.
SIA „Alvedik"
Reg.Nr. 40103392627
PVN Nr. LV40103392627
Jūr.adr. Stiebru 2-4, Rīga, LV-1015
Fakt.adr. Viestura pr.65, Rīga, LV-1005
Banka Citadele PARXLV22
Konts: LV12PARX0013365380002
Head of the retail department
Alla Pavlenko
+371 20175765
Store Director
Irina Ovčinnikova
+371 29336357
General Director
Alla Zarubina
+371 29360063
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