Masljanij Korolj / Oil king
The Oil King company specializes in the production and sale of premium natural edible vegetable oils made by the first cold pressing method and well known under the Oil King trademark.
Thanks to the unique manufacturing technology, all vitamins, microelements, useful substances that are contained in plants, fruits and nuts from which they are made are preserved and are in high concentration in oils "Oil King". In addition, a multi-stage quality control is organized in the production, starting from the stage of obtaining raw materials.
The final product does not contain GMOs, dyes, flavors, preservatives. Therefore, all varieties of our oils, flours and cereals meet the highest requirements and standards, are the basis for proper nutrition on the way to a healthy body and lifestyle in general.
SIA „Alvedik"
Reg.Nr. 40103392627
PVN Nr. LV40103392627
Jūr.adr. Stiebru 2-4, Rīga, LV-1015
Fakt.adr. Viestura pr.65, Rīga, LV-1005
Banka Citadele PARXLV22
Konts: LV12PARX0013365380002
Head of the retail department
Alla Pavlenko
+371 20175765
Store Director
Irina Ovčinnikova
+371 29336357
General Director
Alla Zarubina
+371 29360063
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